Warning during a working rejson module

Good Evening!

While working with KeyDB (latest version), sometimes I encountered the following trouble: when I connect the rejson module (https://github.com/goodform/rejson) in the “keydb.conf” configuration file, after starting the database, the following warning occurs: “NOTICE: Detuning locks due to high load per core: 94.29%”.

It’s KeyDB bug or bug in rejson module?

Best Regards,
Grigoriy Safronov

Hi @gvsafronov,

You can reference this issue: https://github.com/JohnSully/KeyDB/issues/262 addressing the warning. It does not sound like a bug, however I am not sure about the context/loading you are seeing this under. It is warning you that action is being taken to try reduce latency as you are nearing 100% CPU loading. The github issue goes into a bit more detail.