Redis is loading the dataset in memory

Hello. I’m have 3 KeyDB servers with master-master replication. Sometimes when I try to write some data to one of them, I get an error “Redis is loading the dataset in memory” from my python client. Can you, pleese, tell me what is wrong?
Code of my python client:

import redis
import random

r = redis.Redis(host='', port=6379, db=0, password='mypassword')

def write_data():
    data = str(random.getrandbits(128))
    r.set(data, data)

if __name__ == "__main__":

My KeyDB config

Hi @aleks73337

What is going on in the logfile? This error is typically caused when trying to write data while loading an RDB file. Seeing as you do not have save enabled, it can also happen when a full resync is occurring. You mention this is only happening on one of the 3 nodes? The logfiles should give us some insight into what may be going on