Keydb pod high memory usage(OOM)

Hi. Have faced with an issue with huge memory usage in keydb kubernetes pod. Even with maxmemory parameter “2Gb” and maxmemory-policy “volatile-lru” sometime I get memory usage up to 5Gb and as result, my pod goes down with OOM(pod memory limit is 5Gb). I’m using this helm chart - None-default parameters are:
–active-replica yes
–multi-master no
–maxmemory 2gb
–maxmemory-policy volatile-lru
–appendonly no
–proto-max-bulk-len 512mb
–client-query-buffer-limit 1gb
–protected-mode no
–replica-serve-stale-data yes
–server-threads 2

Any ideas what can cause so high memory usage? Will be grateful for any help.

Fixed in latest release