KeyDB loadbalancing and HAProxy


We are currently running 4 KeyDB servers, each as a standalone server. They are used for website cache and some basket information for our webshop. They all run as in memory only, so no writing to disk, as the data does not exist for long anyway.

I would like to load balance them with a HAProxy, we allready use HAProxy for website loadbalancing, but I´m a bit confused as to how to go about it.
Currently we just configure our sites to use a specific KeyDB server, but that gives a problem when a site get too much traffic, and overloads the KeyDB CPU usage (4 cores in a VM). KeyDB uses 4 threads.

Would it be possible to just continue to run them as standalone and then just do roundrobin loadbalancing in the HAProxy? Would I loose any data?

Or should I use the built-in master-slave in KeyDB?
Looking for a simple setup, if possible.