Install on FreeBSD error

Hi, please help me.
I’m trying to install KeyDB from git on the FreeBSD x64 12.2-Release, but I’m getting errors.
The first thing I would like to clarify is what dependencies need to be installed before assembly and installation KeyDB?
The documentation for ubuntu has such a list of dependencies:
build-essential, nasm, autotools-dev, autoconf, libjemalloc-dev, tcl, tcl-dev, uuid-dev, libcurl4-openssl-dev, git, but they are different for FreeBSD, so what exactly should be for FreeBSD?
Thank you!

Hi @Andrian,

We have not compiled yet with FreeBSD. I took a quick look and am running into a few issues. Are you able to create a github issue for this? We should be able to ensure it will compile, however cannot ensure it will pass all tests yet (we can have this unofficially supported for now).