Enabling Legacy Flash

Hi, I’m planning to use Legacy Flash so that I can take advantage of the SSD memory provided by my VPS. I noticed that at https://docs.keydb.dev/docs/ppa-deb/ they mention Setting up Flash with Systemd and it mentions Flash options being enabled. Is the document talking about Enhanced Flash or Legacy Flash? Also are the steps mentioned in the document intended after downloading Legacy Flash or will it use Legacy Flash if I follow the steps? I also checked out https://docs.keydb.dev/docs/flash-storage/#legacy-flash-configuration-file but it doesn’t mention at all how I’m supposed to install Legacy Flash alongside KeyDB. Does it come with the database and I merely have to change the config file? Thanks in advance!

Hi @CrimsonTide0,

https://docs.keydb.dev/docs/ppa-deb/ is referring to KeyDB Professional, and setting up/enabling the FLASH feature after installing the DEB package.

Regarding the Legacy FLASH product, although technically it still exists within the open source codebase, it is no longer being actively supported due to performance bottlenecks and issues (has not been supported for quite some time). Hence we would not recommend using it, and have phased out most references to it. If you did still want to use/compile it, the instructions could be found here: https://github.com/JohnSully/KeyDB/wiki/Legacy-FLASH-Storage

We would definitely recommend using Pro FLASH as it is a superior product and will remain supported as the primary offering.