An alternative for redis-lua

Hello everyone.
I’m intending to migrate to keyDB.
I’m currently using this library to use Lua scripts and communicate with redis:

Is there an alternative to that (specifically something like that) which I can use?
I mean something like a “keydb-lua library” would be appreciated.

Otherwise I would be in trouble moving out from redis.

@SeyedAliKia Does that library not work with KeyDB? The Lua engine is the same in KeyDB as in Redis and supports all the same APIs. One of KeyDB’s stated goals is to be a drop-in replacement for Redis, including for Lua scripts.

I use Sidekiq Pro with KeyDB with its Lua scripts, so yours may very well work unmodified, simply replacing Redis with KeyDB.

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@jgaskins is correct, KeyDB should work as a drop in replacement, compatible with Redis clients. Just to add, If there are ever compatibility issues with a Redis client, a github issue should be made for it and it will be looked at.

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